About Us

It was our dream to open a neighborhood dive bar serving cold beers, great cocktails, and good old fashioned southern cooking with classic Austin vibes.

Everyone is welcome at the Cavalier - we say "You Be You". Just don't be a jerk.

When we signed the lease we also found out that we were pregnant with our first baby - and due two months after opening. Some said we were fools, some said we were brave. Mostly we were just fools - but happy fools. Happy to share our space with such great friends, neighbors, and visitors. Happy to watch our young daughter grow up around good folks.

Come on by!


Chadwick & Rachelle - 7 months pregnant at opening

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Chadwick Leger

Chadwick is originally from Bossier City, Louisiana, and has been tending and managing bars for more than a dozen years. Upon arrival in Austin in 2007, he quickly rose above the swell in the local bar scene, and easily settled in at East Austin’s ever-hip Shangri-La. He combines his love for people with his passion for making every day at the bar feel like a special occasion.

Chadwick is an avid music lover, often traveling across the country to see his favorite bands. When not behind the bar, he plays drums, and hangs with his English Bulldog, Henry.


Rachelle Fox

Rachelle is an Austin native and has spent more than 20 years in the local service industry.

As a teenager, Rachelle worked at her father’s Caribbean restaurant on South Congress Avenue in every post, from bartender to line cook to accounts payable. While attending Texas State University, she worked at a myriad of high-volume venues in Austin’s Red River Cultural District. Rachelle was the Bar Manager at Vespaio Restaurant on South Congress for seven years, and most recently managed Backspace and Parkside in downtown Austin. She has worked for many recurring festivals including ACL, FFFFest, and Blue Genie Danger Derby.

Rachelle spends her free time sewing and knitting with her Boston Terrier, Gurdy, at her feet.