Puppy Payroll

Clock In for Puppy Payroll

Make your dog work for you!

Follow #puppypayroll & @thecavalieratx on Instagram to see your dog featured.

Sign up & the bartender will clock your dog in. Simply bring your pup and earn towards free food and drinks for You!

Earn free food & drinks as your visits accumulate:

2nd visit = Free Snack (for YOU)

4th visit = Free Choose Your Own Adventure cocktail

5th visit = Free Beer

*of course your dog gets treats, water, and lovin' on Every visit

~ Starts over on the 1st of each month ~

~ Every clock-in is an entry for the Dog of the Month drawing, with a winner's prize pack from Tito's ~

  • Artie


  • Jessey


  • Gurdy